How do I Become a Recognized Member of Trinity? 


It is a long tradition that Christians belong to a local community of faith.  We make this commitment, not

only for nurture and growth, but also to be a faithful steward of our time, talents and treasure. If you do

not have a church home we invite you to become a member of Trinity.  Wherever you are on your spiritual

journey, Trinity welcomes you!


What does it mean to become a Recognized Member?

We understand that everyone has a differing definition of what it means to be a member of Trinity. 

For some people, a public affirmation of membership will feel like the right step.  For others, quietly

self-identifying as a member is just what they need.  First and foremost, we want you to feel at home. 


When you take one of the below steps toward being a Recognized Member, it allows us to welcome you

more fully into our church family, whether publicly or privately.  Whether you decide to become a Recognized Member or not, you are always welcome at Trinity!


There are several ways to become a Recognized Member:


  • By baptism either at Trinity or baptism at another church duly recorded at Trinity.


  • By Confirmation or reception either at Trinity or duly recorded at Trinity.


  • By transfer from another Episcopal Church or from another Christian denomination.


  • By making a financial commitment to Trinity and becoming a “giver of record.”


However you choose to become involved with Trinity, we want to stay in touch with you.  Providing your contact information and birthdate allows us to ensure you get age appropriate information (particularly important for youth) and helps us reach out to you about worship, events and activities. Please sign-in in our Guest Book, in the pew register or fill in the contact form found in the Great Hall to ensure we have your most up-to-date details.  Please contact Ed Roling at to become a member.


We invite all who wish to become Recognized Members of Trinity to attend the class ‘Life at Trinity.’ The seven-week class meets on Sundays, 10:00-10:45am on third floor to discuss beliefs, practices, and how to connect at Trinity.  We welcome differing opinions and encourage discussion as we all continue on our spiritual journeys.


Additionally, we hope that all members of Trinity will support the church with their time, talents and resources.  Contributing to the community ultimately makes the experience much more valuable by deepening connections with the church



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get baptized?

If you have not been baptized, please call Jan Schneider at 918-582-4128 x 112 or to schedule your baptism by one of our priests.  You will then become a recognized member of Trinity.


How do I transfer my membership?

If you are a member of another Episcopal Church contact Jan Schneider at918-582-4128 x112 or and she will arrange for your membership to be transferred.


What if I was baptized in another Christian denomination?

If you have been baptized in another Christian denomination, your baptism is honored here and

there is no need to be re-baptized.  Please send details of your baptism so that it may be

“duly recorded.”  You will then become a member of Trinity.  Contact Jan Schneider to make these

arrangements at 918-582-4128 x112 or


How do I get Received or Confirmed?

You are encourage to be Received or Confirmed into the Episcopal Church when the bishop visits Trinity. 

Those who have previously been confirmed in another denomination will be received into the Episcopal

Church. Those who have not, will be Confirmed.  We ask that you join our Inquirers Class in preparation

for Reception or Confirmation.  Please contact Ed Roling at 918-582-4128 or

for details on the Inquirers Class.

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