Church Down Under

​The Church Down Under is an experiment in liturgy designed to draw children and adults into worship through tangible signs of God in our midst. We worship God in our own Episcopal tradition through glorious sounds, stained glass, resounding words, incense and sanctuary bells. But, for children, those symbols and avenues of worship are not easily accessible in a very formal setting. For one, children can not get close enough to see what is happening.


At the Church Down Under, kids light the candles and say a prayer. They say sorry to God after holding on to a hard rock and letting go of some transgression, then watch as water is poured over those very rocks. They ring bells at the appropriate time during the Eucharistic Prayers and bring forward the offering of bread and wine.


Every week there is a different interactive approach to the Gospel, as well as, special Sundays which include visits from Magi, or St. Nicholas or Martin Luther. During Holy Week, we offer a hands on Stations of the Cross, a Seder Supper, and outreach projects. The children learn about being stewards of their money and of the earth through various liturgical experiences that extend throughout the week.


There is always time to stop and answer questions for children about baptism, communion, pets and school, God and faith - whatever is on their minds. This is a service that fosters family spirituality. The hope is that the adults receive just as much as the kids. The Church Down Under happens at 11am in the Undercroft, directly below the main church.

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