We understand that everyone learns and engages in different ways.  At Trinity we try to have a variety of classes to interest everyone. Classes are typically small group formats with lively, open discussions.  We offer Introductory classes Book Study classes, and a DVD and discussion class.  Class length varies so check back often to see what new opportunities are coming up.

Our 2022 class schedule includes some in-person classes, and some virtual classes. Please register below for more information and zoom links, where applicable.



Please note that some classes will be in person and others on Zoom. Please register using the links provided to receive information about connecting.

"Life at Trinity" with Mo. Cheryl, (resumes August 28th) 1st Tuesday of the Month for Orientation, then Ongoing, 7:30pm on Tuesdays and 10:00am on Sundays: This class is for anyone new to the Episcopal Church or would like to learn more about our community, worship and traditions. Join Mother Cheryl and others who are seeking to get to know us better. The class is ongoing and newcomers can begin on the 1st Tuesday of any month. After their initial class, participants will join others in the ongoing class, covering topics like the sacraments, the bible, how we worship, etc. The topical classes will repeat, so that if folks miss one, they can attend when it comes around again. We look forward to getting to know you better as you discover more about us and how life at Trinity reflects the hospitality, traditions and love of neighbor at the heart of the Episcopal Church. This class will meet in the 3rd floor Lounge on Sunday mornings, or by zoom on Wednesdays. REGISTER NOW

Confirmation/Reaffirmation/Reception class for adults with Mo. Cheryl, Sundays at 10:00am in the conference room or Tuesdays at 7:30pm by zoom: The bishop will be at Trinity for confirmation on September 25th. Confirmation class will be wrapped in to our Life at Trinity class, beginning August 28th for in-person Sunday class at 10:00am, or August 30th for zoom Tuesday at 7:30pm class. Learn more about topics like the sacraments, the bible, how we worship, etc. This class will meet in the conference room on the 3rd floor. This class will meet in the 3rd floor Lounge on Sunday mornings, or by zoom on Wednesdays.  REGISTER NOW

Book Discussion: When the Heart Waits, by Sue Monk Kidd. (Monday, October 2—November 7, 7:00pm by zoom). Join Deacon Deborah Underwood by Zoom for a lively discussion of this Kidd's book. "Blending her own experience with an intimate grasp of spirituality, Sue Monk Kidd relates the passionate and moving tale of her spiritual crisis, when life seemed to have lost meaning and her longing for a hasty escape from the pain yielded to a discipline of 'active waiting.' Full of wisdom, poise, and grace, Kidd’s words will encourage us along our spiritual journey, toward becoming who we truly are." (www.suemonkkidd.com) REGISTER NOW

Superheroines of the Bible

(Thursdays at 7:00pm, starting Sept. 22nd by zoom). Join Caroline Leithner (see bio below) to learn about prophetic and heroic women of the Old and New Testaments. Each week will center around a theme or book of the Bible, and we will discuss matriarchs, prophets, judges, disciples and unlikely heroes. Each class will find its basis in scripture, with additional illumination from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim writers and texts. Come ready to talk about our spiritual ancestors and their contributions to our faith. REGISTER NOW

About Caroline: Caroline is a nurse practitioner and a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School. Professionally she provides mental health care at a Tulsa area non-profit, and in her spare time she is a member of the Trinity choir and vestry. Caroline has previously taught Christian formation to youth and adults and she continually finds new meaning and inspiration in the Bible.

Second Sunday Forum Ted Talks: A dive into privilege, bias, and racial injustice through short videos and discussion. (10:00am on the 2nd Sunday of each month Sept.-Jan.) Join us in the Great Hall for a short video and discussion; no need to register, just turn up. During this forum each month we will watch a Ted Talk  from the national Episcopal Church’s webpage on Racial Justice, Healing, and Reconciliation Resources. Learn more and find other resources from the national church here: www.episcopalchurch.org/responding-to-racist-violence/learn/.

· September 11 TED Talk: How Studying Privilege Systems Can Strengthen Compassion
Peggy McIntosh at TEDxTimberlaneSchools

· October 9 TED Talk: How to Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Towards Them
Vernā Myers at TEDxBeaconStreet

· November 13 TED Talk: How We’re Priming Some Kids for College and Others for Prison
Alice Goffman at TED2015

· December 11 TED Talk: Let’s get to the root of racial injustice
Megan Ming Francis at TEDxRainier

· January 8 TED Talk: The urgency of intersectionality
Kimberlé Crenshaw at TEDWomen

Reading Psalms Ethically; Ethics in the Psalter

This is a bible study course that explores how reading Psalms on our own and in the liturgy shapes us ethically. This course will cover the following topics:

  • present an overview of the psalms

  • look at justice in the Psalter

  • deep dive into some specific psalms to learn about Hebrew Bible poetry, translation & interpretation of scripture, and discover ethical language.

Optional Reading and Reflection assignments will be provided. A working bibliography will also be available for continued self study. This class will take place in the 3rd floor conference room. REGISTER HERE

About Erica: Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer is a an Author and Writing Coach with a Ph. D. In Divinity from Trinity College Bristol at University of Aberdeen, U.K. She is a biblical ethicist who specializes in ancient Near Eastern language and literature and the Hebrew Bible. Dr. Mongé-Greer has twelve years experience teaching Biblical Studies at Universities in Southern California and Oregon. You can find out more on her blog at ScholarlyWanderlust.com.

Trinity’s 20s & 30s group (varied days/times) The Trinity 20s and 30s group uses WhatsApp chats to stay connected and suggest ideas for getting together. If you would like to join them, please email Emily Bibens at emily.e.bibens@gmail.com