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We understand that everyone learns and engages in different ways.  At Trinity we try to have a variety of classes to interest everyone. Classes are typically small group formats with lively, open discussions.  We offer Introductory classes Book Study classes, and a DVD and discussion class.  Class length varies so check back often to see what new opportunities are coming up.

Our 2021 class schedule includes some in-person classes, and some virtual classes. Please register below for more information and zoom links, where applicable.



Please note that some classes will be in person and others on Zoom. Please register using the links provided to receive information about connecting. If you need technology assistance, please contact Hannah Middlebrook who will connect you with a technology volunteer.

Sunday, 10:00am "Great Courses" with Dennis Rawlings (9/12/21 to 11/21/21): The Great Courses are a video series that provide university course content to a general audience. Their catalog is vast and Trinity owns many of the courses. Join Dennis Rawlings as he leads a group to watch and discuss some of these wonderful classes during this fall. REGISTER HERE

Sunday, 10:00am “The Wired Word” with Postulant Nancy Gill (Begins 9/12/21): The Wired Word provides a topical news story direct to your inbox. Participants will meet in the Club Room on Sunday mornings to discuss questions about the story framed with references from scripture. Current events, theology and prayer all wrapped in to one class. REGISTER HERE

1st Wednesday of the Month for Orientation, then Ongoing, 7:30pm on Wednesdays and noon on Sundays, "Life at Trinity" with Mo. Cheryl: This class is for anyone new to the Episcopal Church or would like to learn more about our community, worship and traditions. Join Mother Cheryl and others who are seeking to get to know us better. The class is ongoing and newcomers can begin on the 1st Wednesday of any month. After their initial class, participants will join others in the ongoing class, covering topics like the sacraments, the bible, how we worship, etc. The topical classes will repeat, so that if folks miss one, they can attend when it comes around again. We look forward to getting to know you better as you discover more about us and how life at Trinity reflects the hospitality, traditions and love of neighbor at the heart of the Episcopal Church. REGISTER HERE

Tuesday, 6:30pm, Prayer and Meditation with Fr. Chris (Ongoing/No End Date): The Carmelite spiritual master Saint Francis de Sales is famously quoted as saying, “Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” While modern medicine has documented many health benefits to meditation practice, in its many forms across the globe meditation has been a time-honored spiritual practice for centuries. We’ll meet one evening a week to share in forms of group meditation and contemplative prayer. Mindfulness/awareness meditation, contemplative prayer and centering prayer are some of the techniques that the group will explore. Other techniques are welcome. No one method or approach will be required and participants are free to engage in whatever form they deem most helpful. The group will meet on an ongoing basis without an end date. REGISTER HERE

Tuesday, Noon (In Person) and 7:30pm (Zoom), Gospel of John with Fr. Chris (9/14/21 to 11/30/21): And then there was John! We’ve covered the other three gospels over the last year and now we’ll tackle our 4th gospel, which offers us its own distinctive theology on Jesus and his ministry. John offers perhaps the most expansive view of Christ in the gospels, one that is cosmic is scope and eternal in time frame. John’s Jesus is not “of this world,” answers direct questions with cryptic responses, and moves through the events of his life with enlightened detachment. Even at his own death, he simply says, “It is finished.” And yet this is also a deeply incarnational Jesus, who talks again and again of being in the Father and of his followers being in him. And, of course, John gives us some of our most beloved and radiant scripture, including perhaps our most recognizable gospel passage (John 3:16). Come and join us as we journey and experience John’s gospel together. REGISTER HERE

Wednesday, 11am, in the church library: Video Discussion “Amend: The Fight for America” with Mo. Cheryl, Fr. Chris, and Pamela Leggit (9/15/21 to 10/20/21): Join us for a six-week discussion of the Netflix series “Amend.” In the show, Will Smith hosts a look at the evolving, often lethal, fight for equal rights in America through the lens of the US Constitution's 14th Amendment. A Netflix subscription is required to watch the show. REGISTER HERE

Thursday, 7:30pm, “On Being” Podcast discussion with Fr. Chris and Sara Arnold (9/16/21 to 11/18/21): Please sign up for this Zoom discussion group where each week we’ll explore one of our favorite interviews from “On Being by Krista Tippet.” Krista Tippet has been interviewing incredible people about faith and spirituality for many years and we’ll select some of our favorites for this group. You can find the “On Being” broadcast on National Public Radio or the “On Being” website. The links for each podcast covered in this group will be emailed to our participants. REGISTER HERE