Classes for Tweens & Teens

Classes begin at 10:00am in the 3rd floor Rite-13 & J2A rooms. YAC meets in the 4th floor apartment, accessible through the library on the 3rd floor. Details of Sunday morning classes and various evening classes are below.

The Journey to Adulthood Program's underlying theme is that adulthood is earned or learned.  We form a safe community in which they can explore issues of self, sexuality, society and spirituality through the context of scripture, reason and tradition of the Episcopal Church. These groups meet Sunday mornings and a couple times a month outside of church for activities,  service projects and more.

Above: Rite-13 students after celebrating the Rite-13 Liturgy, a rite of passage for 13 year olds at Trinity Episcopal Church.


Above: J2A Pilgrimage to Nova Scotia

Above: Confirmands with Bishop Ed.

Above: Members of the Sexuality and Culture class work on vision boards to help plan their futures.

Sunday School classes begin September 8th.

 2019-20 Sunday Morning Classes 


On The Edge (5th & 6th Grade): Classroom 5

Leaders: TBA

Journey to Adulthood Program

Program Coordinator: Becky Moseman

10am Sundays.  Rite –13 & J2A rooms on the 3rd floor. YAC meets in the 4th floor apartment.


Rite-13, J2A, and YAC are segments in the Journey to Adulthood program that teach that adulthood is learned.  Classes explore current issues through scripture in a safe space with two to three leaders that model adult friendship.  Rite-13 recognizes members of its class that become teenagers with a liturgy in church.  J2A will prepare for their Urban Adventure in spring 2020.  YAC will refine what they believe by using scripture and current headlines, and plan small outreach projects.   


Rite-13 (6th & 7th), Rite-13 room

Leaders: Shannon Urbon

At Trinity, when young people turn 13, they participate in a special rite of passage using Rite 13.  This group, the name of which draws from the Rite, is a celebration of God’s gift of becoming a teenager.  This group begins the exploration of spirituality, society, self, and sexuality. 


J2A (8th & 9th), J2A room

Leaders: Danny Kern

J2A gets its name from the abbreviation of the broader curriculum.  This section delves   deeper into the previous topics but encourages these young people in their leadership and independence. This year the group will prepare for a spiritual pilgrimage in summer 2019.


YAC (10th - 12th Grade), 4th Floor Apt.

Leaders: Lizze Radford

Young Adults in the Church was shortened to its acronym, YAC.  This group focuses on vocation and leadership in the church. They will work on team building and several service projects for continued growth and fellowship.


Youth Confirmation Preparation

Youth in grades 10 through 12 are invited to take part in Confirmation Preparation during regular YAC class times, beginning Sept 15th. Topics to be covered will be God, Faith, the Bible, our beliefs, church history, worship, the Sacraments, prayer, the mission of God, and your ministry.  We have not yet determined when this class will take place but please contact Becky Moseman at to express interest.


2020 Youth Evening Classes

Program Coordinator: Becky Moseman

The classes are seasonal and serve to

enhance the Christian Formation experience for youth outside of traditional Sunday classes. Classes begin in January. Contact Becky Moseman at to express interest. Dates and times are listed with each class

First Communion Classes:

(5 years old and up) Classroom 2

Leader: Deacon Deborah Underwood

This hands-on and interactive class is intended to help children understand the significance of Holy Communion.  January 12th, February 9th, March 15th & April 19th from 4:45-6:00pm


CIT Training

(5th through 7th) Conference Room

Leaders: Becky Moseman and Hannah Middlebrook

This one-day course is required for any young person who wishes to be a leader at events such as Vacation Bible School.  Students will learn about the characteristics of good leaders, small group management and CPR. This class should be taken annually to renew their skills for the new year. This group will assist with the Easter Egg Hunt and the Stations of the Cross in the Church Down Under. March 29th, 12:30-3:00pm, lunch included.


Sexuality & Culture

(8th Grade and up, with parental permission) Conference Room 

Leaders: Becky Moseman and Hannah Middlebrook

This class for 8th through 12th graders, will incorporate the Episcopal curriculum “These Are Our Bodies: Talking Faith & Sexuality at Church & Home,” along with guest speakers on gender identity/expression and reproductive health.  Facilitators will help teens work through questions of personal dignity and respect for themselves and others, beyond sexuality alone. 

There is no cost for this event and dinner will be included. Participants do not have to be members. Please complete registration here.


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