· We will observe ICS rules (International Chili Society), with the exception that there will be no

  restriction of ingredients (e.g. beans are allowed). Please review these rules.


· Your batch should be large enough to feed 10-12 people (approximately 3-5lbs of beef).  If

  you would like to compete but cost is prohibitive, the Brotherhood has some beef that can be  

  provided free of charge. 


· Please bring chili to the catering kitchen off the Great Hall by 4:30pm on January 6th. We will

  transfer each batch to a “neutral” container so there’s no knowing who’s is whose.


· The winner will receive the traveling trophy to keep until the next competition


· Garnishes, flatware, etc. will be provided by the Brotherhood and/or Trinity and the Brothers

  will serve out of the Catering Kitchen.


REGISTER NOW!  Questions?  Contact Hannah Middlebrook

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