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A message from the Director of Operations

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Beloved community, It is with mixed emotions that I tell you my time as a Trinity employee is coming to an end. After 10 years on staff here, I have accepted the position of Director of Operations at All Soul’s Unitarian Church. Due to my commitment to chaperoning the 4Ward class on their pilgrimage to Vancouver from June 25nd to July 2nd, my last Sunday at Trinity will be June 18th.

This move means a positive change in my family's finances at a time when we will have two kids in college, and another one just a year off college. But it also means that I can return to being solely a parishioner at Trinity. Over the last 10 years, I have struggled to attend a full service without interruption, and I am looking forward to being able to sit in a pew and engage fully on my Sundays off. Trinity is a place like no other - I have been beyond fortunate to be on staff at this incredible institution. Although I will no longer be on staff, I will still be a part of this faith community. I have been loved and supported by my colleagues and parishioners, and I have built lasting friendships that I intend to nurture. Thank you for your love and friendship, Hannah Middlebrook Director of Operations

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