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Have your say on re-opening Trinity

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

View the enewsletter in its entirety here:

Beloved Family in Christ,

With the release of the White House report issued on August 18th, we now know Tulsa is in a "red zone," which includes counties that have "reported both new cases above 100 out of 100,000, and a viral lab test positivity result above 10%." With that knowledge, the rector, wardens and vestry would like to keep the church building closed until such time as Tulsa county is in the green zone (<10 cases per 100,000) for two weeks, with the possibility of review when in the low yellow zone range (10-100 per 100,000) for several consecutive weeks. This gives us a very clear marker - a tangible goal to strive for. How can you help reach this goal? Wear a mask! And we can help you with that: we have new Trinity logo masks to give away, but we need your input. Please take our survey about re-opening Trinity, our virtual activities & events, and our communication. Take the survey below. Looking toward the not too distant future, we are putting our heads together (figuratively - we're social distancing!) to try and re-imagine parish fall favorites like Fall Harvest Dinner, Blessing of the Pets and Boo Bash in a Covid world. When we first considered we might have to have a virtual Easter, we couldn't imagine we'd be working on two sets of plans for Advent: in-person and virtual. But here we are. So, let's be leaders in our community. Let's show how easy it is to wear a mask, carry hand sanitizer, stay out of crowds and make sensible decisions that will help us get back to in-person worship. 

Next Sunday, September 6th, Trinity's usual live streamed service will be replaced with a pre-recorded service officiated by Bishop Poulson. You may still view it on Facebook, but it won't pop up in the corner the way our live streamed ones do. You'll have to look for it in on Trinity's Facebook wall. If you have trouble, text Hannah at 918-899-8800 and she'll be happy to walk you through locating the video on Sunday morning.

Remember, the building may be closed, but the Church is open! The Clergy & Staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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