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Be Christ to Others

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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

You have heard us say, countless times over the past few years, that the church is not the building; it's the people. But what does that mean, exactly? When you think of the church caring for someone in a time of need, most people think of the priests. But, we are - collectively - the church. Not just Fr. Lee or Mo. Cheryl, but every single one of us.

If humans are made in the image of God, as scripture tell us, then we are also like God. We are often reminded to "see Christ in others; be Christ to others." We can be Christ to our friends in need. We can be Christ to immigrants resettling in Tulsa. We can be Christ to teachers who need assistance with school supplies. We can be Christ to other parishioners by volunteering our time and talents.

WE are the body of Christ. WE are the church. Not one person, not the staff, not the clergy, not the parishioners - all of us. When we change our mindset about who should look after the sheep, we realize we are absolutely surrounded by the love of the church. And what a blessing that is.

The staff and clergy of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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