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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

What a loving community we have here at Trinity! This past weekend parishioners dedicated themselves to understanding and affirming others.

Saturday, nearly 100 parishioners turned up for the Tulsa Pride Parade in our biggest showing yet. Infants in strollers and older parishioners riding in the truck, folks of all stripes came together to show that EVERY HUMAN is made in the image of God.

On Sunday parishioners rose to the challenge of a commitment to anti-racism, taking a walking tour of Greenwood to learn more about Black Wall Street and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Each participant learned something new, and deepened their understanding of the tragedy.

We are constantly moved by the love of this church family. The love you show to those facing the hardships of immigration and deportation; the love for children with parents in prison, the love for LGBTQIA+ community, the love for the hungry, the poor, the marginalized. As Presiding Bishop Michael Curry says, "If it's not about love, it's not about God." Thank you for sharing God's love so freely!

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

Visit our facebook page to view pictures from the Pride Parade and the Walking Tour.

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