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Commit to Anti-Racism

Read the enewsletter in its entirety here.

Beloved Siblings in Christ,

On Monday, May 31st, over Trinity 50 parishioners gathered at Trinity to make the one-mile walk to Vernon AME church in Greenwood. We gathered with those from faith communities across the city - Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian - for the dedication of the Prayer Wall. Local & state faith leaders joined with national civil rights activists and men of faith, Rev. William Barber and Rev. Jesse Jackson, to decry racism, honor those killed in the massacre,

and commit to fighting for racial justice.

Our efforts cannot stop there. It's not enough not to be racist. We must join together as a church family, and dedicate ourselves to anti-racism every day. This month the discussion group based on the series "Amend: the Fight for America" will begin. According to Roger Ebert, "the series takes viewers through the importance of the 14th Amendment—which outlines the rights of citizens under “the equal protection of the law”—and how it’s affected everything from black folks and women’s voting rights to abortion to gay marriage." Will you join us for this fascinating opportunity for personal growth?

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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