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How will covid affect events?

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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

We are so proud of this amazing community we have built together. As our state's covid numbers rise again, you have immediately risen to the challenge. Out of love for each other, and in an abundance of caution, you have chosen to wear masks during worship and while in the building. You have given each other a little more distance when chatting, and sent suggestions to staff to keep everyone safe. We already know that the church is not the building, but it's people. You are demonstrating that daily.

As we move forward with caution and care, we will stay open and keep events on the calendar. If changes have to be made in the future, we will consider all the options. But for now, we invite you to stay engaged with our community at upcoming events like Adult Game Night, Maker Day, and the Feasts of St. Lawrence and St. Mary the Virgin. We encourage you to sign up for the St. Vincent Volunteers and choose the one-time and short term ways you'd like to volunteer at Trinity. We hope you will register for one of the many adult Christian formation opportunities available, both in-person and via zoom. And, for those of you interested in reconciliation, anti-racism, equity and other social justice issues, the Social Justice Commission invites you to join them (the next meeting is Monday, August 2nd at 6:00pm).

We know the rise in the Delta variant has many of you nervous. Let us try not to look for the worst in our fellow man, but the best in those working hard to keep everyone safe. As Bishop Poulson said in his statement earlier this week, "do everything in your power, with creativity and love, to increase the number of vaccinated people in your community (not just your congregation, but beyond)." Let's commit to helping as we can in this effort, with love.

Let each of you look not to your own interests, but to the interests of others.

-Philippians 2:4

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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