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UPDATE: May 7, 2:30pm

Beloved Family in Christ,

Every week we think there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. We start to feel a little more positive, and then we sink back down into the confusion of uncertainty. Some of you may have read the satirical New York Times opinion piece the other day, poking fun at the contradictions:

P: How long should we stay inside?

A: I’m thinking two months. No, three. Six? No, 12. Yes, 12!

P: Then it will be gone?

A: The virus? Lord no. It could be 18 months till we get a vaccine. But by then you’ll have already gotten it, so the date doesn’t really matter. Especially given that the virus will come back double-strong in the fall.

P: So it’s less potent in the summer?

A: Absolutely not. Who told you that?

P: You just said it’ll come back stronger in the fall. Which implies its power is dissipated in the summer.

It's impossible to plan for the future when we don't even truly know what the present holds. We are eager to start planning for events, classes and services at the church again, but we are grateful that the diocese is taking this pandemic seriously, putting safety above everything. We would rather stay closed longer and save more lives, than risk even one by opening too soon.

For now, we will continue connecting with you the best we can with digital technology. We know there have been some frustrating technical glitches with our Sunday services. We appreciate your continued grace for the staff and volunteers who are working tirelessly to improve things, despite setbacks. On Sunday, May 3rd, we tried out some new software without success. But we think (hope!) we have the issues ironed out and will be trying again this week.  For those of you hoping to see the edited video of the service, there wasn't much to work with but we have posted what was salvageable on our youtube page. Thankfully, Deacon Bert's sermon was preserved. If you couldn't hear it properly on Sunday, we encourage you to watch it today.

We have enjoyed connecting with all of you during daily TrinityConnect meditations and Topics of the Day on Facebook. Virtual Bingo and Virtual Trivia Nights were fantastic fellowship opportunities for all ages, and another Trivia Night is scheduled for Thursday, May 28th at 7:00pm.  Sign up here to receive the Zoom link.  If you need help using Zoom (or any other platform/program), one of our technology volunteers will be happy to help - just let us know. Don't ever hesitate to reach out to us if there's anything we can do to help you while we all navigate this new way of being community.

Until we're together again, peace be with you.

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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