May it ever be so

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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

The meditation for today, written by vestry member Caroline Leithner, in our Lenten Meditation booklet reads:

Jesus the Emmanuel, God with us: give us grace and focus to see your gifts when we previously could not. Grant us patience and renewal in this time as we remember your ministry and works. Help us not lose heart in the midst of political division, the ongoing global pandemic, and economic change. Be with us as we recall how you came into our earthly home to show us the inbreaking of the Kin-dom of the God who forgives, renews, and loves without condition. May it ever be so.

May it ever be so.

If you are looking for meaningful ways to contribute to your Lenten practices, join us for some of our varied Lenten opportunities over the next few weeks.

The staff and clergy of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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View the enewsletter in its entirety here. Beloved Siblings in Christ, In the Book of a Thousand Prayers compiled by Angela Ashwin, the section of "prayers for quietness" stands out this week. Particu