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New Classes Forming

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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser a huge success. With your help we raised nearly $4000 towards the Urban Adventure!

As we race toward the end of May, many Trinity families are clinging on by their fingernails, waiting for the school year to end. The end of the school year also means the end of the season for evensong, choir and hand bell rehearsals, Sunday School classes and EfM. Make sure to check with the facilitators/leaders of your groups and keep an eye on the schedule so you know when things wraps up for the season.

Not everything is ending, though! We have a few new adult/all-ages classes forming now, and summer camp registration is open. Vacation Bible School is $15 and includes a t-shirt and snack, but cost should never be a barrier. Let us know if you need financial assistance or know of someone who does. If you're looking for a full day of fun for your young person, you can add on the afternoon Acting Camp with BAM Entertainment (no experience is necessary). Book now!

For our High School Seniors, this time is especially exciting! Seniors and parents, please make sure to RSVP for our High School Seniors brunch, and send your senior picture and post-school plans to Becky Moseman so we can celebrate you with the parish.

Looking forward towards summer, mark your calendars for our Parish Picnic on Trinity Sunday on June 12th and Tulsa Pride Parade on June 25th. We hope to do something a little different with the parish picnic this year, so watch this space. We're also doing something exciting and new with the Pride Parade. This year will be marching in the parade under the banner of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma with other area churches. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

Don't forget to sign up for Fr. Lee's new class starting on May 22nd, and Deacon Deborah's book discussion class (The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown), beginning June 6th. While you're at it, sign yourself and your youth (grades 5+) up for Becky Moseman's Marvel Movie Series beginning July 10th.

It's so fun to see so many of you at events and services as the covid situation continues to improve. We hope, if you have not been around lately, that you will join us in the coming weeks, when you feel ready!

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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