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What is Faith-Filled Generosity?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

View the enewsletter in its entirety here:

Beloved Family in Christ,

By now you should have received a letter from Fr. Lee, with a pledge card, in the mail. This marks the beginning of our annual stewardship campaign. Why is Faith-Filled Generosity so important? Giving of your time, talents and treasures strengthens the church, and your relationship with it. Your personal and spiritual growth depend on meaningful relationships nurtured through worship, Christian formation, fellowship and outreach. When you make a pledge, you are making a commitment to fellow parishioners, and to yourself. Practically speaking, making a pledge also allows the vestry to plan a more accurate budget because they know how much will come in over the course of the year.

Faith-Filled Generosity isn't only for those with endless disposable income. We are all stewards of the church. Faith-Filled Generosity means prayerful consideration of your gift matters; that every pledge matters. A gift of $10 a year is a welcome contribution, and a commitment to the community that nourishes you. You'll find a proportional giving guide on the back of your pledge card if you would like help in determining what amount to give. Please, give as you are able.

How can you make a pledge?

  • Fill out the pledge card and send it in, using the self addressed stamped envelope included.

  • Visit our website and follow the directions from there.

If you have unanswered questions about Stewardship, please email Financial Secretary, Jenny Robertson.

There has been a change of plan with regard to weather and Liturgy on the Lot. Simply put, after two weeks of outdoor services, we have realized that the logistics of adequate social distancing, proximity to electricity for the sound system, and not ruining the sound system in inclement weather, mean we have no choice but to cancel for rain. As much as we'd love to be able to provide an in-person service every Sunday without fail, we also want to keep everyone safe. So, while we're at it, we also determined that Liturgy on the Lot will be cancelled when the temperature at the church is 45° or below. With the high winds that rip through downtown in colder weather, we determined it would be uncomfortable, at best, to sit through an outdoor service in a wind tunnel.

Cancellations will be posted to all social media platforms no later than 2:30pm on the day of the service. We recognize not everyone lives in close proximity to the church so we hope this time frame allows the maximum time for us to make an informed decision, and for you to get here safely if we are going ahead with service.

As the covid-19 crisis continues to affect our community, Trinity has created a phased reopening plan to help us monitor the situation in our state and gauge when it will be safe to reopen. Click to read the Phased Re-opening Plan, Community Covenant and Sanitation Policies. Please contact Hannah Middlebrook with any questions.

We are currently working on the new photo directory. If you are new to Trinity and would like to be included, or if you have updates to your existing details, please click here and let us know. We want to be in touch and help your fellow parishioners stay in touch, too!

Remember, the building is closed but the Church is open.

The Clergy & Staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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