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Get to know Mother Cheryl

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

View the enewsletter in its entirety here:

Beloved Family in Christ,

With the craziness of a global pandemic, many parishioners have asked for an opportunity to get to know Mother Cheryl a little more. Now is your chance! Watch this video to learn about her personal theology, her path to the priesthood and what she enjoys.  Thank you to everyone who has filled out our survey! We've been thrilled with the response so far but we still want to hear from more of you. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about re-opening Trinity, our virtual activities & events, and our communication. Take the survey now.

A quick reminder that this Sunday, September 6th, Trinity's usual live streamed service will be replaced with a pre-recorded service with Bishop Poulson presiding. You may still view it on Facebook, but it won't pop up in the corner the way our live streamed ones do. You'