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Trinity paired with Afghan family

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Beloved Siblings in Christ,

O my Lord, I am in a dry land, all dried up and cracked by the violence of the north wind and the cold; but as you see, I ask for nothing more; you will send me both dew and warmth when it pleases you. -St. Jane de Chantal (1572-1641)

This prayer seems so appropriate today, as the cold north wind cuts to the bone and we find ourselves wondering if things will ever be "the same" again. We slide in and out of depression and anxiety, hoping for some sign of spring.

Staff and clergy are attending a virtual conference from the National Network of Christian Formation, a mission of the Episcopal Church Foundation, this week. The keynote speaker on Tuesday was Rev. Shaneequa Brokenleg, a two-spirit individual who also serves as Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation with The Episcopal Church. In her talk, Rev. Brokenleg challenged us to consider where our lives and ministries gain meaning. Power is only true power when it is shared, wealth is only true wealth when it is given away, and love is only true love when it is inclusive and spread widely.

What can we do in the violence of the north wind to share our power, give away our wealth, and spread our inclusive love? Can you reach out in love to someone who is lonely? Can you offer financial support to a meaningful cause, or another human who needs help? Can you use your privilege and your power to allow others to gain privilege and power?

Today we have learned that the Social Justice Commission's work with

has resulted in Trinity being paired with an Afghan family. We will work together to provide for this family as they get settled in their new home city. As you imagine the ways we might help these individuals, perhaps you'll imagine it differently when you learn that our family consists solely of two brothers, aged 16 and 18. They arrived in Tulsa last week without parents, without belongings, and without a common language. Perhaps your own north wind won't feel quite as cold when you think of their journey. While we don't know Paiman and Alham's specific needs at this time, we will have more information to share in the coming week. Please keep our new friends in your prayers and plan to help as you are able - this is the perfect time to be the dew and warmth for others and bring spring to bear now.

The staff and clergy of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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