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Update: April 15, 1:15pm

Holy Week brought the usual roller coaster of emotions, and Easter arrived in the gloom of a rainy Sunday, but God's promise to us is still evident. God will be with us no matter what. At times like these, with financial hardship, health concerns, fear of the unknown, and general uncertainty, we may struggle to remember promise. God loves us. Always.

As we move away from the focus of Lent, Holy Week and Easter, many of us feel "at sea."  What do we focus on now? What landmarks can we use to keep sight of the shore? We don't pretend to have the answers in this changing world, but we can promise to try and keep your ship steady. We can offer ways to stay connected, grow your faith and engage with your community until we can all be together again.

We have several opportunities in the coming weeks to stay engaged.  Parishioner and historian, Eric Saulnier, is offering a course spanning several weeks entitled Personal Journaling in a Pandemic: creating historical primary source documents for future generations.  Don't miss this opportunity to help focus your thoughts during this time, while providing works to pass on to your children and grandchildren.  Email Eric at  to register for this online class.

On Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00pm, Becky Moseman will lead a game of Bingo via Zoom!  It will be a fun, no pressure way to enjoy the company of other parishioners safely and all ages are welcome. Click here to sign up for Zoom Bingo.  The following week, on Thursday, April 30th at 7:00pm, Deacon Linda Paul will lead a Bible Trivia Night, also via Zoom.  Even if you're not a whiz at bible trivia, join us for fun and fellowship! Sign up for Bible Trivia here. If you're hesitant to sign up for either of these events because you've never used Zoom, or struggle with technology, we can connect you with one of our parishioners who have volunteered to help with technology. Click here to be connected to a technology volunteer.

Beginning this Sunday, April 19th, we will begin live streaming services again. The live stream videos should be easier to locate than the pre-recorded videos and we hope this eradicates some of the issues some have experienced.  If you aren't able to watch live at 11:00am, the video will be archived on Facebook, on our website, and on our new Youtube page!  Speaking of YouTube, if you haven't had a chance, please subscribe to our page. We will be archiving all our videos here and hope to have other exciting content in the near future. You can find the page here. Don't forget to subscribe to ensure you can find us!

Just like the rest of you, we are struggling to find fulfillment, be in community, keep our sanity and get on with our lives. We hope you will reach out to us, and to other parishioners, when you need support or just want to talk it out. We are here for you; we can commiserate!  These are tough times but we'll get through it with love and support from each other.

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