Update: April 2, 4:05pm

As the days in isolation wear on, for some the fear grows. For others, loneliness creeps in.  Parents and guardians struggle to keep young children entertained and older teens from driving each other crazy.  However this trying time is affecting you, we encourage you to reach out to your community.  Check in with the folks who share your pew, write a letter to someone you enjoy chatting with at coffee hour, or pick up the phone and call someone who may be lonely.  As we'll say over and over in this time of isolation we are the church. By now, you may have watched several videos - both live streamed and pre-recorded - on Facebook. For some that comes more naturally than others. If you're having trouble finding the live daily TrinityConnect services on your smart phone, click here to watch a quick video.  If you're unable to find it on your desktop computer,