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Sign up for Midweek Meditation

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Read the enewsletter in its entirety here:

Beloved Family in Christ,

When we shut down in March, we had no idea how long our doors would be closed. We were hoping to be open and on our way to "normal" again by now, but it looks as if we're in this for the long haul. Many of our parishioners have reported to us that they miss time in the building. While we all know the church is not the building and is, in fact, the people, we also understand the comfort and peace many find in our beautiful nave. In an effort to meet the needs of our parishioners, while still following the guidelines of the diocese and the CDC, we are introducing Midweek Meditation. Midweek Meditation will begin next Wednesday, July 22nd. We invite you to sign up for a time slot for personal prayer and contemplation in the church. Time slots will be in 15 minute increments from 2:00-5:45pm on Wednesdays through August and are by appointment only. We ask that you practice social distancing and wear a mask at all times in the building. If you would prefer to call for a time slot, you may call Front Office Coordinator, Jan Schneider, at 918-691-9371. We hope that facilitating a safe way to provide access to the building will help soothe those missing the quiet of the nave. Please note, Prayer Books and Hymna