Update: June 18, 12:04pm

With Covid-19 numbers continuing to rise in Tulsa County,  and particularly with the influx of people expected in the  downtown area this weekend, there is rising concern for the health and well being of our parishioners.

You may have heard Fr. Lee and Mo. Cheryl speaking about the precautions we plan to have in place when we do reopen, such as taking temperatures, requiring masks, and enforcing social distancing in the building. We have also made the decision to seat all congregants for the 9:00am service on one side of the nave and all congregants for the 11:00am service on the other side to help reduce the likelihood of virus spread.  We hope that you will also begin making your preparations for our eventual return by purchasing reusable or disposal face masks, educating yourself on safe social distancing practices, and keeping an eye on the