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Update: June 4, 2:38pm

As we round out another week of the "new normal," involving masks and sanitizer and social distancing, we add another layer to our already complicated situations. The current unrest around the country contributes to our feelings of uncertainty. For some it may add an element of fear. For others anger. For others, still, an awakening. 

In his statement earlier this week, Fr. Lee called on all of us to remember our baptismal vows, saying" is time for the church to wake up, speak up, show up." This is what we're called to do. To see Christ in others, and more importantly be Christ to others.

We are aware that all the current stressors and uncertainties of life lead people to look for normalcy. Some shred of how things used to be. We know so many of you are eager to return to in-person worship, as are we. So, we're working toward our eventual re-opening every day. There's a little buzz in the building with painting, and sorting, and cleaning, as well as the installation of our new cooling tower. The church building is coming back to life.

As you are probably aware by now, Bishop Ed and Bishop Coadjutor Poulson have given permission for an optional opening on June 14th. The vestry, clergy and staff are in unanimous agreement that it's just too soon for us. We are still working on logistics for adequate social distancing, measures for cleaning, modifications for services, etc. We don't want to get it wrong and endanger any of our parishioners, staff or clergy, so we will take the time we need to get it right.

As we keep an eye on the infection rate in Oklahoma, and monitor guidance from the diocese and the CDC, we feel that we may be able to reopen safely by July.Our tentative reopening date is July 12th.Please note that we may adjust that date, dependent on science and best practices. We ask that patience is practiced, knowing that these decisions are made with love. If you have not seen our info-graphic on changes to expect when we reopen, we encourage you to look for it below or on our website here,where you'll also find Fr. Lee's response to the optional opening.

We are doing our very best to consider all the possible ways we should prepare for re-opening, and we welcome your suggestions and concerns. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts with us here. There is also an optional section that will help us to fine tune our modifications. Thank you in advance for helping us make our reopening as safe and smooth as possible.

In Christ,

The clergy & staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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