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UPDATE: MARCH 16, 2020 - 10:30am

We have received many questions about how the church closure will affect future events, including Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter. The simple answer is we are just not sure yet. Bishop Ed is working with local and national leaders to make the best decisions for the safety of all Oklahomans. 

The current CDC guidelines state that no gathering of more than 50 people should take place for eight weeks. That takes us right up to Easter week so we are taking a "wait and see" approach for now.  We have made the decision to move the Easter Egg hunt to Saturday, May 17th, in case the ban on gatherings is lifted. We recognize that is after Easter, and we can't be 100% certain that date will stick either, but we are working with what we have.

As you may have deduced, the Celebration of New Ministry for Fr. Lee has been postponed. We do not have any direction as to the new yet date, and don't anticipate having that information until the current situation is under control.  We will share the new date as soon as we know.

The financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are concerning for many in our congregation and community.  Especially for hourly workers and those who rely on the "gig economy," these restrictions are hitting hard.  We want to continue to support our members and provide any services we can. As such, we welcome your continued financial support. If your pledge is automatically withdrawn, that will continue without interruption.  If you wo