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UPDATE: March 18, 1:00pm

Today we officially welcome The Rev. Cheryl Harder-Missine to our Trinity family.  It feels very odd not to be planning a big Sunday welcome for her, but we want her to know how pleased we are to have her.  Stop by the Facebook page to see a video introduction by Mother Cheryl and send a message of welcome!

Bishop Ed released a new video last night, which you can also see on Facebook. In it he discusses his own COVID-19 test, precautions taken throughout the Diocese, and the approach to Holy Week and Easter.  Watch here. As it becomes apparent that we are looking at longer term closure, we are working to come up with creative ways to share Holy Week and Easter with you.  Nothing is certain yet but it seems prudent to plan. That leads us to the Topic of the Day for today: What makes Holy Week special for you? How does it differ from any other week?  Join the conversation on Facebook.

Finally, beginning Monday, March 23, we will begin live streaming a daily meditation at 11:00am, Monday through Saturday. Each meditation will be approximately 2-4 minutes, with the opportunity to make prayer requests. We'll share more information about this as details fall in to place. Sunday service will be live streamed every week until in-person services resume. 

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