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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

View the enewsletter in its entirety here:

Beloved Family in Christ,

Over the last two weeks, we asked you to respond to a survey to help us determine where we can improve, and what's working. We wanted to know what your preferences are about reopening. We were pleasantly surprised-- with the participation, and gathered a lot of great information to help us reach you more effectively. You may view the results of the survey here. We want to address just a few of the concerns mentioned. 1. I would like to receive texts from Trinity about information.  When you download the Trinity app and allow notifications, you will receive push notifications (which appear on your phone in much the same way as texts). You may download the app using a link from one of the Trinity digital communication platforms, or visit the Google play store or app store on your smart phone. 2. I tried to download the app but couldn't figure it out.  This was a common response, so we made a video to help guide you through the process. Watch the video here. 3. I downloaded the app but I don't know how to use it, or don't think it will be useful.  Watch this short video to learn how to use the app and see how it might be useful to you. 4. I would like the Sunday live stream video to stream directly from the website. That will soon be a reality! With the new AV system we are currently installing, we will have the capacity to have a live feed directly from our website! We hope to have that up and running within the next month or so.  5. Service videos should be archived somewhere. Great news - they are! All TrinityConnect and Sunday service live stream videos are archived immediately on Facebook. That means that, even if you miss the actual live stream, you can still watch the video anytime on Facebook. Videos are also archived on YouTube by the Monday following the service. 6. Please provide resources for at home prayer, Christian formation and spiritual well-being. Along with the resources for Sunday services, like the bulletin, Prayers of the People and Sermon, you can also find other resources on our website here. Non-service resources are at the bottom of the page under "Christian Formation Resources." 7. I have trouble finding the service bulletin on Sundays. The bulletins, and other service materials, can be found in two ways. You may either click the menu link for "About Us" and select "Bulletins & Resources," or you may choose "Bulletins and other resources" under the large "Join us Virtually" notice at the top of the page. 8. I have signed up for the enewsletter but do not receive it.  Because the enewsletter is a bulk mailing, many email providers funnel it in to spam and junk mail folders. If you have friends or family members having trouble getting the enewsletter, encourage them to check spam and junk folders, and to add "" to their contacts. This will help funnel it in to their inboxes. If it's still not working, they may contact Hannah Middlebrook to check if there is some other obstacle in the way. 9. Enewsletters should be archived somewhere. We can help with this one, too! Enewsletters are archived on the website here so even if you are having trouble receiving them via email, you can still read them. 10. The website should have information about different groups and organizations at the church. Even though the building is currently closed, you can still learn about all the great things that happen at Trinity. You can find out more on the Connect page here. 11. How is pastoral care working in the age of Covid?  Unfortunately, the restrictions in place at hospitals and nursing homes make it very difficult to conduct our usual hospital and home visits. But, the Daughters of the King send monthly cards to the home bound and those experiencing long term illnesses, we have a team of volunteers writing notes to those we hear may need some extra support or a personal touch, and staff and clergy regularly check-in with parishioners experiencing loss, hardship or other pastoral need. But we rely on you to help us reach everyone in need! With the sheer size of this congregation, there is no way we can keep track of everything happening with everyone on our own. If you hear of someone who could use the support of the church, please let us know! There are a variety of ways to reach us: You may send an email directly to our inboxes by using the links in the "Our Team" section of the homepage here; you may call, text or email staff directly; you may call the church at 918-582-4128 and leave a message; you may use the contact form at the bottom of our homepage, or the chat feature that appears on the homepage; finally, you may send us a message through Facebook messenger. Please know we are doing our absolute best to reach everyone and your help will make our community that much stronger. Remember, the building may be closed, but the Church is open! The Clergy & Staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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