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Why aren't we opening our doors to the homeless?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Read the entirety of the enewsletter here.

Beloved siblings in Christ,

We have heard from concerned parishioners asking us to open the church building for the un-housed. We appreciate the kindness each one of you has expressed - truly Christian character.

We have been in touch with the warming stations and shelters, all of which still have room and are functioning well at a higher capacity. We are committed to opening our doors should the numbers become unmanageable for existing facilities, and will continue to be in contact to see if our assistance is needed. If we do need to open, it will require considerable volunteer help, so please watch for information.

In the meantime, please consider making financial gifts to help support the extraordinary work of these organizations:


Youth Services of Tulsa:

John 3:16 Mission:

The Salvation Army:

Housing Solutions Tulsa:


Tulsa Day Center:

The Salvation Army:


Iron Gate Tulsa:

Community Food Bank:

Neighbors Along The Line:

There is so much need in our community now and we are moved at your willingness to step up and help. Thank you!

Yesterday's Ashes to Go was wonderful. This past year has seen negative impacts on so much of what we do, we determined that Ashes to Go would go ahead, regardless of the weather. Staff and clergy spent several hours braving the snow and sub-freezing temps to ensure those for whom the imposition of ashes was important, were able to receive them. We saw long-time parishioners, folks new to the city, friends of friends, and some people who have been with us online for months but whom we hadn't met before. In all, we imposed ashes for nearly 50 individuals. And it was powerful. For those who still wanted to take part in an Ash Wednesday experience but couldn't make it to Ashes to Go, we also streamed our service on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page for pictures of Ashes to Go and the service video. We have several opportunities for virtual worship and connection throughout Lent. Sign up for a book study with Deacon Deborah, Podcast discussion with Becky Moseman and Fr. Chris, or download our book of Lenten meditations written by our very own clergy, staff and parishioners. This year we will, once again, have virtual Agape Meals on Maundy Thursday, and a virtual Watch Through the Night, as well. While it may not be the same, if we are willing to adapt, community is everywhere. Learn more about Lenten opportunities here.

Remember the building may be closed, but the church is certainly open.

The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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