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Beloved siblings in Christ, Lent begins next week with Ash Wednesday on February 22nd and we invite you to join us. The imposition of ashes will take place at 7:00am, noon, and 7:00pm. For those with mobility challenges, tight schedules, church trauma, or any other reason attending services is difficult, Ashes to Go are available from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the southwest corner of the church. Learn more about Lenten opportunities here. If you haven't already signed up for the Spaghetti Dinner youth fundraiser, it's not too late! Due to Covid delays, we have two classes going on pilgrimage this year and we need your support. If you can't make the actual dinner, you can still support the youth by purchasing raffle tickets for some amazing gift baskets.

Date Night basket (bottle of wine, gourmet chocolates, hotel, and $100 dinner gift card) Drinks at home basket (vintage martini glasses, various drinks, and bar extras for the perfect night of drinks at home) Beer Basket (Pint glasses and various beers) Kid’s Birthday Party basket (custom yard signs, Gift card for balloon twister/science show, Andy B’s gift card, Balloon Bouquet, Bounce U gift card, and sweet treats) Teen Basket (Gift cards for fast food restaurants, ACT prep classes, air pods, Spotify gift card, amazon gaming gift card, LED strip lights, Climb Tulsa guest passes, and girl scout cookies) Downtown Basket (Walking tour for 10, Drillers tickets, FC Tulsa tickets, McNellie’s Group gift card, Shuffles gift card, Hurts donuts gift card, IDA Red Tulsa coloring book.) Foodie Basket (gourmet pickled olives, mushrooms, okra, and grill rub, Botanic Garden

cook books, & other gourmet items) Beyond the walls of Trinity, the national Episcopal church continues to do the work of improving governance and dismantling racism in its many forms. The President of the House of Deputies, of St. John's church in Norman, is leading this charge. Once again, President Julia Ayala Harris delivered powerful opening remarks at the church executive council last week. Below are the steps the executive committee has committed to taking this year: "We have a long way to go to being a church where those [undocumented] women can feel welcomed, included, and safe. The good news is that at this meeting, we all on Executive Council are undertaking significant efforts to create a more inclusive and safer church. At this meeting we will be undertaking resolutions regarding:

  • Updates to the DFMS policy of children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

  • Adopting a Declared Names and Pronouns Policy.

  • The creation of a committee to develop liturgies for victims/survivors of sexual abuse.

  • The addition of a staff line within the Office of Pastoral Development for an independent intake officer with insights as to its reporting structure from the Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitutions, and Canons.

Also at these meetings, we will observe Black History Month with:

  • A resolution regarding state-level policies that restrict the teaching of Black history.

  • Discussions about the ongoing threat of police violence, especially to those who identify as Black.

  • Celebrations of Absalom Jones and Bishop Barbara Harris.

We will also conduct a deeper dive into our own Racial Justice Audit of Episcopal Leadership as well as come to a deeper understanding of how we must care for this fragile Earth, our island home." Let us take the executive council's lead and commit to being lifelong learners in an effort to more fully realize the belovedness of all God's people. The clergy and staff of Trinity Episcopal Church +

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