Trinity Calls New Rector

We are pleased to announce that a rector has been called, and has accepted the call.  See the letters from our Sr. Warden and from our next rector below.  We look forward to great things ahead!

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Sr Warden Letter August 27, ver 4 for el
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Trinity's Rector Search 

Following the retirement of our rector of 17 years, Trinity embarked upon a search for a new rector.  This page serves as a repository for communication throughout the process, and for information about the progress thus far. 


Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  If you have other questions, please contact Hannah Middlebrook via email  at

Transition Prayer

O God, giver of every good gift, look graciously upon your whole church and upon Trinity. Guide us to use the diverse gifts, talents and skills with which you have blessed us that we may increase our commitment to one another and to the mission of your Christ, and may choose a faithful rector to lead us to love, serve and grow in our congregation, in our community and in the wider church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

What is the search process?

The first step in a successful search is a congregational assessment: who are we, and what do we seek in our next rector?   Here at Trinity, a Profile Committee was nominated  to create a Parish Profile report as the basis for the search process.  The profile committee solicited feedback from the parishioners through online and paper surveys and in-person group discussions.  When completed,  the Parish Profile was posted on our website and made available to all Episcopal clergy through the national database of the Episcopal church.  

Subsequent to the release of the Parish Profile, the Search Committee, nominated by the vestry, begins the search in earnest.  The committee works closely with the Transition Minister of the Diocese of Oklahoma. Together the committee and Transition Minister gather names of potential candidates through the national database of the Episcopal church and a variety of other contact sources,  with all applications initially passing through the Diocesan offices. The Search Committee reviews the information provided by each applicant -  generally a cover letter,  resume and Office of Transition Ministry (“OTM”) Profile.   

After initial review of applicants,  the committee conducts online video conferencing interviews with each candidate.   This is a fairly rigorous discussion on  topics of preaching, liturgy,  pastoral care,  stewardship,  Christian formation, administration and more.    The discernment process is a two-way street,  and each candidate has the opportunity to ask questions about Trinity and its future direction.   


After the initial  round of interviews, small teams of search committee members make on-site visits to the short list of candidates with whom we mutually agree to continue discernment. Finally,  the search committee will discern up to three candidates to present to the Vestry for consideration as our next Rector.    


In order to maintain the integrity of the search process and protect the privacy of the various applicants,   the details of the search must remain confidential and will not be revealed during or after completion of the process. We are constantly reminded that the discernment process is not like other hiring decisions with straightforward evaluation of pros and cons.   It is an opportunity to listen to God and be prepared for the unexpected ways in which God’s will moves us.     

When will we select the rector?

It is not unusual for a search process to take 12-18 months, as the process of choosing our next rector is not a task to be taken lightly.  Our Search Committee is dedicated to finding the best possible candidate to guide Trinity into our next chapter.   The timeline to the right provides an overview of the journey;   while there is no assurance or firm deadline,  it  is reasonable to anticipate the vestry will call our new rector before the end of 2019.

Who is on the Search Committee?

The Search Committee is made up of nine voting members, and a chaplain.  Click here to meet the members of the committee.

Who was on the Profile Committee?

The Profile Committee was made up of 10 members.  Click here to meet the members of the committee.

Where can I see the Parish Profile?

Click here to see the Parish Profile. This document is downloadable if you would like to print it.

September 2018

Profile Committee installed

October - November 2018

Online parish survey assessment and focus group discussions

Search committee installed October 23

December 2018
Fr. McKee’s retirement
January 2019

Parish Profile published


Parish Q&A meeting with Diocesan Transition Minister

Initial Search Committee meeting with Diocesan Transition Minister


Search officially opened through the Office of Transition Ministry website 

February - March 2019

Online interviews with candidates as applications received

Application period closed March 15

April - June 2019

Ongoing discernment meetings to narrow the list of candidates for further conversation

In-person site visits to candidates

July 2019

Complete in-person site visits to candidates

Next Steps

Final discernment and presentation of candidates to Vestry

Meet the Search Committee
Meet the Profile Committee

Move your cursor over the names to see images of the committee members

Move your cursor over the names to see images of the committee members

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