An explanation of Rites I and II 

Rite I Liturgy

The Rite I Liturgy service from the Book of Common Prayer uses the traditional worship language of the Church as used from the 1600's until 1976.  During Rite I services at Trinity, the high altar is used, language tends to be more formal ("livest and reignest" versus the more modern "lives and reigns," for example) and there is emphasis on tradition.  Incense is often used in the service and communion is taken while on bended knee at the high altar. We use the Rite I liturgy in our 7:30am and 11:00am service.

Rite II Liturgy

The Rite II Liturgy is our less formal, more modern service.  This service from the Book of Common Prayer uses more modern language ("lives and reigns," versus the more formal "livest and reignest," for example.  We do not use the high altar during the Rite II Liturgy and instead use a smaller altar closer to the congregation, and communion is taken standing rather than kneeling.  This service is particularly popular with families but everyone is always welcome.  We use the Rite II liturgy in the 9:00am service.

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