Check out the wish lists from Trinity public educators! Simply click on the name of the educators you wish to support and view their wish lists. When you order from these lists, the items will go directly to the teacher to help them set up their classrooms for the new school year. This is a great way to thank them for their efforts to educate our children without adequate funding from the state.

Stephanie Brucks (TPS, High School Library & Leadership)

Carolyn Carle (Jenks, 3rd & 4th grade Special Education)

Matt Webb (Sand Springs, 8th grade American History, Varsity Boys' & Girls' Golf)

Bert Bibens (Street School, High School Mathematics)

Kirsten Morehead (TPS, Elementary Art)

Laura Whitman-Qi (Jenks, Elementary English Language Learners)

Sue Henderson (TPS, Elementary Speech Pathology)

Sarah Randolph (TPS, Elementary English Language)

Colby Strong (Union, Music)

Stephanie Kern (Jenks, 5th grade Math & Science)

Quin Halpin (Owasso, 5th grade Language Arts)

Are you a teacher in public education? Send your classroom wish list to Hannah Middlebrook. Thank you for all you do!