Service Ministries

Our service ministries are groups within Trinity that focus on serving in the church and the greater community.  



The Brotherhood meets once monthly and works on various projects.  Alongside their skills as chefs, helping to prepare several parish meals throughout the year, the Brothers also help to support families across the city and state.  In 2013 alone they helped Operation Rescue provide over 120,000 meals to the victims and rescue workers in central Oklahoma after the tornadoes; sponsored Our Garden Project, an urban gardening project designed to help low income families learn about gardening and to provide an added source of healthy food to their tables; and partnered with the Autism Society of Tulsa to present a special screening of a film at the Circle Cinema for children with Autism.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Contact Joe Wilkinson to learn more about the Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence.


Originally a branch of the Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, the Trinity Trolls earned their name by spending their time deep in the bowels of the church in the kitchen. Their primary function is to provide hot cooked meals for students in New Hope's after school programs every Monday and Tuesday evening.  The Trolls gather supplies, coordinate the casserole program (pick up a casserole dish and recipe on Sunday morning, return it prepared and frozen for use at a later date), provide the man power for the actual cooking and serving. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the trolls! Please contact Larry Bailey at


After a brief hiatus, the Daughters of the King have reorganized!  Meetings will be held every other week.   Please contact Deacon Linda Paul at (918) 582-4128 with questions about this national organization which focuses on service to the church and the community.

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