Christian Formation

At Trinity we have a comprehensive, intentional program of Christian Formation.  

Rather than classes that merely aim to educate the mind, we have put in place a

program that touches the heart and helps each person to "grow in relationship to

Christ."   You are encouraged to discuss, free to speak openly and welcome to disagree.  


Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Trinity welcomes you!  

Classes for Children


Godly Play is a Montessori-based Christian curriculum through which children deepend their faith and innate spiritual curiosity.  Children are invited to connect stories to their personal experiences.  This program prepares children to join woship while developing an understand of bible stories, symbols, and rites.  Click here to learn more.




Classes for Tweens & Teens


The Journey to Adulthood program's underlying theme is that adulthood is earned or learned.  We form a safe community in which they can explore issues of spirituality, society, self, and sexuality though the context of scripture, reason and tradition of the Episcopal Church.  These groups meet Sunday morning and a couple of times a month outside of church for activities, service projects and more.  Click here for more.

Classes for Adults


We understand that everyone learns and engages in different ways.  At Trinity we try to have a variety of classes to interest everyone. Classes are typically small group formats with lively, open discussions.  We offer Introductory classes Book Study classes, and a DVD and discussion class.  Class length varies so check back often to see what new opportunities are coming up.  For more information, click here.


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