Planning a Baptism 

1. Arrange a meeting with the Clergy  
Please contact a member of clergy, whether on Sunday before or after services, or by calling the church. Let your priest know you are interested in arranging a baptism.  Depending on whether this will be the baptism of an infant, young child, older child or adult, preparation may be slightly different and vary in time.  The priest will be able to give you a time frame and help you select and appropriate Sunday for your baptism.
2. Reserve Your Date
After speaking with the clergy about baptism, please contact Jan Scheider to reserve the agreed upon date.   Baptisms can be planned most Sundays of the year, however we do not perform baptisms during Lent or Advent. The Sundays most appropriate are the Baptism of our Lord in January, Easter Sunday in the Spring, Pentecost in the Summer and All Saints Sunday in November.  It is important that your make arrangements with Jan so that all members of staff, altar guild and clergy are aware of this important event.


4.  Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common questions we hear.  Please do not hesitate to contact the staff, clergy or altar guild if you have questions not addressed here.  

What about the Certificate of Baptism?

At Trinity it is traditional for a large Certificate of Baptism is available for all of the congregation to sign on the occasion of Baptism.  You will receive this certificate immediately after the service.

May we have a private baptism?

No.  It is important that baptisms take place in the presence of the church community, as we all welcome our new member and promise to guide and direct him or her in the faith.


Do Godparents need to be present?

Ideally, Godparents will be present but we understand that lives get busy and travel is not always possible.  Godparents or sponsors are not required to attend the baptism but will still received certificates to indicate they are Godparents.  Please ensure the church has the appropriate names and addresses.


Is there an age restriction for baptism?

No.  We welcome people of all ages into the Episcopal family.  For older children and adults we do require consultation with a priest so please take that into consideration when planning your baptism date.

May clergy other than those at Trinity participate?

The Trinity clergy are always in charge of the service but we will be happy to work with you in having outside clergy assist.  The liturgy will always be from the Book of Common Prayer.  Trinity must invite any other participants so please consult with your priest before you extend even an informal invitation.

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