Music Programs at Trinity

Trinity is known for it's expansive music programs, showcasing both liturgical and secular music traditions.  We understand that music is so much more than simple enjoyment - music is integral to development of the body, spirit and mind.


Music in the Anglican tradition is one of our church's greatest gifts to the missionary and spiritual life of the Christian faith. Since the Sixteenth Century, well-trained choirs of children and adults have led Prayer Book worship throughout the Anglican Communion, and it continues to modern day.


Tuesdays at Trinity

Tuesdays at Trinity are a tradition unique to Trinity.  With our location in the heart of downtown, we are perfectly placed to offer a lunchtime reprieve from the chaos of the workplace.  Our weekly 30-minute concerts attract people from across the city and talented artists from across the area.


Click here for the Tuesdays at Trinity schedule of concerts.  

Sunday Morning Anthems

Trinity's choirs have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.  Organist and Choir Director, Casey Cantwell, challenges our choir members with outstanding music rarely heard in Tulsa.  The crowning glory of the music during Sunday services are the anthems.  

Click here to learn what anthems you can hear and when.

Trinity Choirs
At Trinity Church, our choirs provide music for more than a hundred services and events each year. In return, the singers not only participate in quality music-making, but also receive Christian education and the benefits of small group fellowship in a large parish.
Opportunities for education and performance for both children and adults throughout the year have helped Trinity's choir become one of the most exceptional choirs in the region.
Click here for more about choirs at Trinity.

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