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We take Christian Formation for children seriously, but have fun doing it.  Our Sunday school classes begin with 3 year olds using the Godly Play curriculum.  What is Godly Play? Godly Play is a Montessori based curriculum that engages children in learning through storytelling, ritual, and hands-on activities.  Classes follow the shape of the Eucharist: Hear a story, respond through art or activity of choice, pray and feast together by enjoying a snack, and then dismissed to parents. Children learn and engage in stories of the Old and New Testaments while also learning how to listen, how to treat sacred space, how to treat one another, and how to begin to be self-directed.  Children come into the presence of the mystery of God during class by hearing God’s stories, responding to the story out of love in the following ways: verbally during wondering time after the story, working with the story objects, and by creating individual works of art.

As students progress through the Godly Play Curriculum they begin with the Creation story all the way through the story of Jonah.  They get hands-on experience with the church calendar and get an in-depth look at Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, and Pentecost.  In addition, all ages get exposure to parables, stories about the Holy Family, and baptism.  As children progress through the classes, they learn more about individual people of the bible from Abraham and Sarah to Paul, learn more about the Holy Eucharist, and gain exposure to the Saints.



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