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Moller Organ, Opus 9606

Immediately after the First World War, Bishop Thurston began to encourage Trinity parishioners to build in Eastern Oklahoma a Gothic Church of cathedral-like proportions.  This great vision, nurtured by the Holy Ghosts, resulted in a cruciform edifice, framing vaulted space, communicating to eye and ear the significant sights and sounds of our historic, sacramental faith in the most Holy Trinity.  Gallery and spacious chancel organ chambers were provided in anticipation of the day when an instrument worthy of Trinity Church could be built.

The organ is the culmination of the efforts of many devoted parishioners, benefactors and craftsmen, and is a singular work of art.  Is is a Moller Organ, Opus 9606, and was built in 1961.  Original specification include pipes from 1 1/3 foot up to 32 feet, with sounds ranging from Flute Harmonique (4') to English Horn (8'), from Sub Bourdon (32') to Clarion (4'), multiple chimes, and an ear piercing Trompette Fanfare (8').  With four full manuals and 2 1/2 octaves of pedals, and countless registrations, it provides enough music to fill the entire building.  

In the fall of 2007, the console was completely reworked with new draw-knobs, couplers and a Matters fibre-optic combination action. 

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